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The Soundtrack of Your Life 

Project Team: Sato Matsui, Atulya Chaganty,

and Gasper Sopi

Soundiary is a sensor rich, wearable ring, that collects all of your daily soundscapes (environment, calendar of events, etc.) and biometric data (heart rate, breathing patterns, and rate of perspiration and more) and utilizes advanced machine learning technology to compose the soundtrack of your day. 




Originating from MIT Media Lab's HackingArts (a 24 hour design sprint), our group of three formed after a major organizational mishap.


Together as three creatives: an interaction designer, an industrial designer, and a composer, we ideated about VR concert experiences, human interaction to compose music, and then arrived on the idea that would become Soundiary.

Our focus was to elevate the auditory experience of our lives as a form of reflection and documentation that can seamlessly integrate into daily life without requiring any special training, energy or time. 


We live everyday with the stress of having to be "productive." There are many indicators, notifications, and different information portals reliant on visual cues that are constantly consuming our attention to remind us of this. Not only are there external factors but also internal mechanics that have to respond to these attention seeking actions. Soundiary is a way to catalogue your day by collecting both internal and external sounds. Sound and music are the strongest bridge to memory so the goal of Soundiary is creating a non-visual snapshot of your day to answer the ever allusive question, what did I do today?

heart rate.png



Soundiary cultivates external and internal sounds to create an abstract daily composition. Each unique composition is preserved in a library for you to return to. It allows you to revisit your day everyday for a sonic meditation, reflection, or remembrance while also creating an opportunity to relive momentous occasions, such as your graduation, your wedding day, your first time on a plane, and more. You can also follow or collect soundiaries from family, friends, or even celebrities to be a witness to their lives. 


Soundiary works by using PACE: our proprietary Personalized AI Composition Engine to develop your soundtrack.

It uses cues such as heart rate to inform tempo, duration of an activity to inform audio textures and their prominence, vital data to control volume, number of hours of sleep to inform groove pattern, and even captures voice timbre for melodic lines. It takes in all the data collected over the course of the day to output a unique soundtrack daily. 

Diana's Tuesday - Sato Matsui


Meet Diana, her day starts early, ends late, and it travels at lighting speed. She rarely has a second to stop and relax but thankfully she has Soundiary. 


Everyday she has the chance to stop and reflect on her day before she goes to bed by simply saying, "Okay google, play my day."

[Please listen with headphones for the best experience.]

Life is hectic.

Slow down, tune in,

and remember the best parts with 

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