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A Digital Tool to Connect Indian Tradition with Modern Culture 

Arranged marriage is a long-standing tradition still practiced in many Indian cultures and communities. Some families are committed to maintaining this custom and intertwine it with religion and heritage creating a complex system filled with frictions. Many families control who the potential suitors for children and base matches on caste, reputation of family names, or earning potential. Although there are distinct disadvantages and the western perspective has placed a taboo on this practice, it is not always a negative experience. Many individuals and couples have found the system to serve their necessities, desires, and to have delivered their expectations.

This project is an investigation to enhance the custom of arranged marriage by maintaining its origins while simultaneously modernizing the system to fit our fast paced, digitally driven, and intricate lifestyles to be more inclusive, independent, and emotionally centered.


The Pros

  • Easier to find potential matches

  • Parents feel involved  

  • Tradition

  • Compatibility based on parent’s priorities  

The Cons  

  • Not inclusive of  various sexual orientations, genders, and caste

  • Limited decision making power 

  • Limited time and space for privacy, romance, communication

  • Matches are fixed based on dry facts  

Can we create a system that:

  • Uses mutual match based on personality traits

  • Increases communication and privacy 

  • Maintains tradition 

  • Disbands systematic discrimination 

  • Decrease “catfishing”

THE PROPOSAL By: Namrata Phirke, Tim Stoleting, and Atulya Chaganty is a new type platform combining the perks of online dating with the tradition of arranged marriage. ​We started by developing multiple user pages with one linked account to decrease catfishing and establish transparency. This way everyone knows who they are engaging with: family or bachelor/ette. Followed by the login, there is a personality quiz in order for us to find the best matches for you!


Connecting Technology and Tradition

Once we get to know who you are, you get to build your portfolio on the site with whatever information you want (photos, biodata, your top priorities). Your family gets to do the same. Then we use a fancy algorithm to use all the information we have to find you the best match.​

*With a paid subscription you can curate what priorities your family included that you do not find pertinent!*


When you click on a photo, you will then be taken to their profile. From there, you can unite with them! If it is a mutual match, you’ll get a chance to message (not live), live communicate (text or video), go on dates, and home visits! ​The pink rings represent your priority match percentage and the gold represent your family's. (You can also block matches.)


*With a paid subscription: Family can communicate with other families. Under no circumstances can families communicate with matches or on behalf of their bachelor/ette. Parents can also “dislike” a match. That match will not disappear, but it will add an extra color code.*


To shift the focus from caste systems, dowry, family name values, and create intimate relationships based on mutual respect, shared interests, and passion that can grow into love, we created some objects to get help you along the way! 


* has a zero-tolerance policy for abusive behavior and language. Any complaints of inappropriate messaging, stalking, harassment or any other related behavior online or in person based on caste, dowry, or any other information provided or withheld will result in removal from site access and potential legal action.

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